Why I Went GF: My Reasons for Quitting Gluten

It all started in the spring of 2010 – I was starting to get some side pains after eating.  It wasn’t like a splitting pain, but it definitely felt very uncomfortable.  I also didn’t know what was causing these pains;  it seemed very random when the pain would come.  I finally decided that I should see a doctor and try to get to the bottom of it.

I headed off to the doctor and told him what my problem was.  He asked me a few questions (which I can’t recall now) and eventually just came to the conclusion that it was nothing and I should let him know if it gets worse.  Well, I knew it wasn’t “nothing” so I left feeling a little down.  I continued having these side pains for a few more months, during which my digestive system seemed to get completely messed up.  I thought maybe I was drinking too much soda, so I quit that for a few weeks.  Nothing changed.  I honestly wanted to go back to the doctor and tell him this wasn’t normal.

Eventually in November of 2010, my girlfriend told me she was going gluten and dairy-free.  I really wasn’t sure what gluten was, other than the fact it was found in grains, pasta, and bread.  I decided to try it with her for a little bit, sort of as support and to see if I felt any different.  Amazingly, within two days, my side pains and digestive issues completely went away.  I thought it might have just been a fluke so I stopped and started eating gluten a few more times and the results were conclusive to me – my body could not process gluten for whatever reason.  So, I decided to stop eating foods that contain gluten altogether.

When you have been eating gluten your whole life, it is a pretty big adjustment to just avoid it completely.  I quickly realized I had been consuming gluten during 95%+ of my meals.  I loved deli sandwiches for lunch – you could find me at Subway, Quizno’s or Jimmy John’s almost every day.  The first few days of being GF, I just felt pretty lost.  But after awhile, it gets much, much easier.  Do not get discouraged if it seems like a huge mountain to climb at first.  I found a great gluten-free bread called Udi’s that I now use to make my own delicious sandwiches.  I also eat quinoa pasta, buckwheat pancakes, and tofu with vegetables.  Once you get in a habit of eating these new foods, it becomes so simple to keep on the gluten free diet.  I feel so much better now than I did back then;  if you are having digestive problems that no one can seem to figure out, it might be worth it to try a gluten-free diet for a little while and see if anything happens.  Who knows, maybe avoiding gluten will clear up your problems too!


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