This Gluten Free Life Course Launches Today!

After months of hard work, I am proud to say I have finally finished “This Gluten Free Life Course: Your Guide to Living Gluten Free” and it is available TODAY!

You are probably wondering: what is a gluten free course and why should I care about it?

This Gluten Free Life Course: Your Guide to Living Gluten Free” is my way of teaching people how to live a gluten free life that is neither complicated nor stressful. It is incredibly easy to become a member: you sign up and pick your user name and password, make the one-time payment (retail price of $37, but only $17 during the two week promotional period until July 10!), and then you can log-in to the course forever! I will continue adding content and bonus sections on a semi-regular basis as well based on feedback from the members.


Here are the 12 sections in the course:

Section 1: Introduction – A little bit about me and why I created the course.

Section 2: Gluten Overview – What gluten is, why it could be harming you, and the differences between celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergies.

Section 3: Gluten Free Basics: PPM and Cross Contamination – You will find out why “gluten free” might not actually equal “gluten free”.

Section 4: Going Completely Gluten Free – Preparing your home for your gluten free diet.

Section 5: Grocery Shopping – Learn how to decipher food labels and which foods to avoid.

Section 6: The Gluten Free Diet: Nutritional and Cooking Advice – Explaining how gluten free food differs from the food you are used to cooking.

Section 7: Gluten Free Baking: The Flours – Gluten free flours are a whole new beast to cook with; I tell you how they work together to create great-tasting dishes.

Section 8: Eating Out – Dining outside your home can cause a gluten free eater many stressful evenings. I give you everything you need to know to eat out safely.

Section 9: Traveling Gluten Free – Just because you are gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world. I help you prepare for your journey by sketching out a meal plan ahead of time.

Section 10: Gluten Free Holidays and Birthdays – I let you know which traditional holiday recipes are safe and which aren’t, as well as how to have a fantastic birthday without gluten!

Section 11: Gluten Free Recipes – The favorite section for most people. 18 unique gluten free recipes with many more to come!

Section 12: Gluten Free FAQ and Resources – The ultimate resource page. My favorite gluten free websites, 20 recipes I want to try from other bloggers, and frequently asked questions.

…and the bonus sections:

1. 18 Gluten Free Recipes for Children: Give the Kiddos What They Want! – Delicious gluten free recipes for kids like mac ‘n cheese, corn dogs, baked chicken nuggets and even Cheez It and Crunchwrap Supreme imitations!

2. Safe and Unsafe Ingredients List – A complete list of ingredients you will find on food labels, either in the safe (we can eat it!) or unsafe (stay away!) category.

3. Top 10 Recipes of All Time on This Gluten Free Life – Compilation of the most popular recipes on my site.

Check it out here! If you have any questions about the course or anything else, contact me.

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