Is Popcorn Gluten-Free?

Continuing my series of “Gluten-Free or Not” to help out those just beginning a gluten-free diet, I now turn to the beloved movie theater staple, popcorn.

All of the popcorn I could find in the stores was gluten-free. This does not mean that there are no popcorn brands in the world that contain gluten, but popcorn is naturally gluten-free unless some gluten-containing seasoning has been added to it. Always check the labels of your popcorn before eating it to make sure none of these fishy ingredients have found their way in.


An article in Gluten-Free Living a few years ago stated that all movie theater chains had gluten-free popcorn as well (I tried to find the link for this, but I couldn’t). However, since there are no labels on the movie theater popcorn and we really aren’t sure what they are putting in their popcorn, it is best just to ask someone knowledgeable before hitting the cinema. Better to get some answers beforehand than ending up in the bathroom all night, ya know?

Another thing to be worried about with movie theater popcorn is cross-contamination. The guy who just got your popcorn? He had already been handling pizzas and cheeseburgers and your popcorn just got traces of gluten in it. For many people, this is not a problem; for highly-sensitive celiacs, this is not acceptable. If you are one these people that cannot handle trace amounts of gluten, consider bringing your own snacks to the theater.

Well, I hope this article was informative for all you popcorn eaters out there. I feel like popcorn is something many people just starting out on a gluten-free diet overlook because it seems like it would have gluten. I know popcorn didn’t even cross my mind for about 6 months after I went gluten-free, then I found out it was safe to eat and I have been happily crushing it ever since!

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