Is Yeast Extract Gluten Free?

This is going to be my last entry in the “Gluten-Free or Not?” series for first-time gluten-free eaters and people who are just wondering if a specific item contains gluten. I am going to concentrate on bigger and better posts on This Gluten-Free Life, like my free eBook for gluten-free guys I recently published.

If you have done any cooking at all, chances are high that you have come across “yeast extract” as one of the ingredients. I didn’t even know what yeast extract was when I first started cooking, but I knew I when I became gluten-free that I needed to know which popular ingredients contained gluten and which didn’t.

Yeast Extract - Naturally Gluten Free

Yeast Extract – Naturally Gluten Free

Normal yeast extract IS gluten-free. Yeast extract has been known to contain MSG, which does not contain gluten but has been known to negatively affect celiacs. For this reason many gluten-free people choose to avoid yeast extract.

But anyways, yes, yeast extract is gluten-free, so feel free to use it in your recipes as much as you want.

Beware of brewers yeast, which is completely different, but it is found in some supplements and other health food items. Brewers yeast does contain gluten, so stay away from products with that in it. I know it is something completely different than yeast extract, but they sound similar so I wanted to throw that out there.

As always, read over the ingredient list thoroughly. If you are not sure if something contains gluten, then check with the manufacturer of the product to be sure.

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