Is Sweet Baby Rays Celiac Safe?

Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce is award-winning sauce found all over America.  The delicious sauce is found in nearly every grocery store and supermarket from coast to coast.  Sweet Baby Ray’s is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands of barbecue sauce out there today.  As they say “The Sauce is the boss!”.  So given it’s immense popularity, I thought it would be beneficial to readers to find out about the ingredients in the barbecue sauce.

The Answer

Yes, Sweet Baby Ray’s is definitely GLUTEN FREE.  The back of the bottle is clearly marked “Gluten Free” on the bottom right.  I love when companies actually just put that on the packaging instead of leaving it up to us to contact them.

Some people were worried by one of the ingredients “Modified Food Starch”, which can either be safe or unsafe for a gluten-free person to eat. Apparently, Sweet Baby Ray’s uses a corn starch in theirs, so that is fine for gluten-free folk to eat.

I have been eating Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce happily since I found out I was gluten intolerant.  It is a great addition to my gluten-free sandwiches, Ian’s chicken nuggets, and many other food items.  I am glad they put “gluten free” on their bottles now as well.  It doesn’t matter if there are no gluten containing ingredients or not, if a company refuses to come out and say their product is gluten-free, I don’t trust it.  Thankfully, we can all trust Sweet Baby Ray’s!

To always be 100% sure a product is GF, check with the manufacturer before consuming!

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