Is La Choy Soy Sauce Gluten Free?

La Choy Soy Sauce is, according to their website, “an essential all-purpose sauce that adds Asian flavor to a variety of dishes”.  I know tons of people who love cooking stir-fry with it.  The soy sauce gives dishes the little extra kick they need without sacrificing nutritional value.  However, one downside of soy sauce is the enormous amounts of sodium in each serving.  With that being said, it is a delicious, tasty addition to dozens of different dishes.

The Answer

Yes, La Choy soy sauce IS GLUTEN-FREE.  Here are the ingredients listed on the bottle: “WATER, SALT, HYDROLYZED SOY PROTEIN, CORN SYRUP, CARAMEL COLOR, POTASSIUM SORBATE(PRESERVATIVE)”.  All of those things are safe for a gluten-free eater to consume (caramel coring CAN be risky, but it is usually fine).

I was scanning a few of the celiac/GF forums while researching the La Choy soy sauce.  Some people on them said that they had a negative reaction after eating it, but didn’t know why, since it is gluten-free. Oftentimes gluten-free individuals are sensitive to other things as well, such as food dyes and colorings.  It is very possible that the caramel color added to the product is what caused them to have that negative reaction.  If you feel bad after eating something, even though it doesn’t contain gluten, make a mental note and try to stay away from it in the future.

To always be 100% sure a product is gluten-free, check with the manufacturer before consuming!

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