Is Couscous Gluten Free?

Couscous, made from semolina,  is the staple food in Algeria, Morocco and other countries.  It is traditionally served with a meat or vegetable stew spooned over it.  Couscous is one of the healthiest grain-based products in the world.  Its vitamin profile is far superior to that of pasta or white rice.

I remember my mom making couscous dishes for our family when I was younger.  I used to hate eating rice, but for some reason, I always looked forward to the couscous.  I was not only a fan of the taste, but I just loved the texture and fluffiness of it.

Couscous – NOT Gluten-Free

The Verdict

Unfortunately, no, couscous IS NOT gluten-free.  I was pretty bummed out when I found this out shortly after I quit eating gluten.  Couscous is prepared from semolina, which is a wheat.   So, if someone offers you some couscous, politely decline.

If you had been a fan of couscous before you went GF, try making some brown rice dishes.  While it is not the same thing, brown rice and couscous do have a similar texture and can be used interchangeably in most dishes.  I love brown rice because it leaves me feeling full and satisfied hours after eating it.

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