Is A1 Steak Sauce Celiac Safe?

A1 is a steak sauce and condiment for use with meat or game, but is obviously most well-known as a compliment to steak.  A1 brand has been around for more than one hundred years.  I think you would be hard-pressed to find many steakhouses (besides super upscale ones) that do not carry A1.

When most people think of a steak sauce, A1 is generally the first one to come to mind.  Its popularity and availability is second-to-none in the steak sauce arena.  While some people will complain that a good steak needs no steak sauce, just as many others will say that A1 adds even more depth to an already exquisite product.

A1 Steak Sauce: Gluten-Free!

The Verdict

Yes, A1 steak sauce IS gluten-free.  I did not contact Kraft directly, but a number of trusted websites I searched all confirmed that A1 steak sauce is in fact GF.  I have happily been eating it for years with no problems.

I don’t just use A1 sauce for my steaks, but I also have been known to use it on hamburgers, chicken, and even pork.  I don’t buy into the silliness that good meats don’t need steak sauce.  If you have a good steak with a good steak sauce, it is even better than plain in my opinion!

Enjoy your steaks and your A1 steak sauce!

To always be 100% sure a product is gluten-free, check with the manufacturer before consuming!

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