Celiac-Friendly Lunch Ideas

Lunch has probably been the toughest meal for me to plan since becoming gluten free last year. Breakfast was easy because I love eggs, bacon, and cereals like Rice Chex. Dinner basically stayed the same for me too, sticking with different combinations of meat, vegetables, rice, and beans. But lunch was the one meal I seemed to struggle with planning good, healthy meals for. After months of research and trying new options, I think I have finally come up with a solid list of meals that I, and others, can enjoy every day.  Here are my personal favorite celiac-friendly lunches:

  1. Turkey sandwich with Udi’s GF bread
  2. Soft shell (corn) taco
  3. Homemade personal pizza – Udi’s pizza crust, cheese, tomato sauce, and sausage
  4. Quinoa or rice pasta with tomato sauce or basil pesto
  5. Nachos – corn tortilla chips with beans, cheese, and salsa
  6. Chicken lettuce wraps with gluten free soy sauce
  7. Peanut butter and jelly with gluten free bread
  8. Any green leafy salad (w/chicken or salmon)
  9. Risotto with your favorite vegetable
  10. Hummus with veggies and/or chips
  11. Quesadillas on corn tortilla
  12. Chili – Hormel Chunky No Beans
  13. Hard-boiled/deviled eggs
  14. Brown rice with your favorite kind of beans
  15. Tuna salad
  16. Homemade tomato soup or homemade chicken( gluten free) noodle soup
  17. Rice cakes w/peanut butter
  18. Cream cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla
  19. Scrambled eggs w/bacon (I know, it’s a breakfast thing, but I love it for lunch too!)
  20. Lentil salad
I always advise eating fruits and vegetables with every meal as well.  Cottage cheese is another side dish that goes well with many of the above suggestions.  With the increasing numbers of gluten free products out there, it is easy to make GF versions of your favorite lunches right at home.  Be creative, think outside the box a little, and you will find a nice variety of different gluten free lunch ideas.

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