Gluten-Free Ham, Egg, and Cheese Panini Recipe

I have been trying to make more kid-friendly recipes, and I definitely think this gluten-free ham, egg, and cheese panini fits the bill.  It really oozes cheese when it’s done cooking.  However, I am pretty sure adults will find this panini to be pretty great as well (I did!).

I wasn’t sure if this recipe would be too simple to put on my site, but after eating it, I decided most people don’t care about how easy a recipe is, they just want tasty gluten-free recipes!  As long as you have access to gluten-free bread, the rest of the ingredients are incredibly common: cheese, ham, and eggs.

Also, I recommend cooking the sandwich on the stove in the recipe.  If you own a George Foreman-type of kitchen grill, I think I would use that instead.  My sandwiches always turn out just a little bit better when I use the Foreman.

Gluten-Free Bread and Cheese

Gluten-Free Bread and Cheese

Putting the Ham On

Putting the Ham On

Sandwich Together, Ready for the Stove!

Sandwich Together, Ready for the Stove!

Gluten-Free Breakfast Panini, Cut in Half

Panini Done, Time for Breakfast!


The Recipe

Ingredients (makes two sandwiches):

  • 4 slices of gluten-free bread
  • 6 slices of ham
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of shredded cheese
  • Olive oil


1.  Spread the cheese evenly on the 4 pieces of gluten-free bread.  Place 3 slices of ham on two of the pieces of bread.

2.  In a skillet, heat a small amount of olive oil on medium heat.  Whisk the 4 eggs together, and pour into the skillet.  Cook them for about 3-5 minutes, until they are cooked through and no longer runny.

3.  Place half of the scrambled eggs on one of the pieces of bread with only cheese on it, and do the same thing for the other eggs.

4.  Put the pieces of bread with the ham together with the pieces of bread with the egg, forming your sandwich.

5.  Heat a small amount of olive oil in a large skillet on medium heat.  Place your sandwiches in the skillet, and cook each side for about 3 minutes, until the cheese is melted and the bread is nice and toasted.

6.  Remove from heat.  Cut in half.  Serve and enjoy!

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