There Is Variety On A Gluten Free Foods List

Many people worldwide suffer gluten allergies ranging from mild gluten intolerance to celiac disease. With symptoms ranging from severe bloating and abdominal discomfort to failure to thrive in children resulting in stunted growth, gluten allergies can have serious ill effects on sufferers. Treating gluten allergies is often best approached with a variety of measures, but avoiding foods containing gluten is at the top of every treatment list. It can be a challenge to know what foods contain the allergen and sometimes labels are not helpful so having a gluten free foods list you can memorize or write down and take along with you as you shop can be a time and lifesaver.

There are many foods everyone eats that are appropriate for gluten intolerant people as they are naturally gluten free. Meats, shellfish, vegetables, eggs, fruit, poultry, beans, rice and cheese are all common dietary staples worldwide that are on the gluten free foods list. Popcorn, almonds, corn tortillas and rice cakes are easy snacks people with or without sensitivity to gluten can enjoy.

Other foods that make the gluten free list include the quinoa grain, a power house of nutrition. Packed with protein and vitamin E, quinoa is a high nutrition value food that will add crunch, flavor, variety and texture to gluten free meals. Altering your favorite homemade soup recipes to exclude flour based roux sauces can provides delicious, healthy soups tailored to meet your dietary needs. Carrots, beets, mushrooms, squash and other garden fresh vegetables combined with poultry or rice can create a magnificent gluten free soup everyone will enjoy.

Leafy greens are another terrific addition to a gluten free foods list. Spinach, kale, cabbages, turnips, curly kale and watercress are just a few greens you can incorporate into your diet for nutritional and flavor benefits. Fresh herbs are gluten free and add flavor and variety to your dishes without added fat and calories, so be sure to add some herbs into your daily meals.

Eating a gluten free diet can be less restrictive than you may first imagine. Keep a list handy of foods you can eat if you have gluten sensitivities and refer to it when you need help making food choices. Visit online sites to get lists that are more extensive, and get tips, and tricks that have worked for others living and thriving with gluten allergies or intolerance symptoms. Once you know what foods are on the gluten free foods list, enjoy sampling the spice and variety available to you.

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