Gluten Free Fast Food

Finding gluten free options in fast food restaurants while on the road can be a tall order. I figured there were many people out there who could use a list of items that are gluten free in different restaurants, so I went to their websites to see what I could find. Here is the list of gluten free options in various restaurants.  (Note: I got this information from the websites of the different companies, and many say they cannot be certain the items are GF because of cross-contamination issues.  Always double check before ordering something)

If you are a celiac, you should always stay away from fast food places because of the cross-contamination!

McDonald’s Gluten Free Options

  • Beef patty (with no bun)
  • New Grilled chicken fillet (no bun)
  • Eggs, sausage, Canadian bacon, breakfast steak
  • Fruit ‘n yogurt parfait
  • Caesar salad without chicken,  side salad (no croutons)
  • All beverages and smoothies
  • McFlurry with M&M’s

Taco Bell Gluten Free Options

  • Tostada
  • All nachos (without meat) are listed as not having gluten, but prepared on common equipment
  • Mexican rice and pintos n’ cheese
  • All sauces are gluten free, except for the zesty dressing and the green tomatillo sauce
  • All beverages are gluten free, but some Freezes are prepared on common equipment

Sonic Gluten Free Options

  • French fries and tater tots
  • The following items are fine by themselves:  hamburger patty, bacon, breakfast sausage, philly steak, and egg
  • Fritos corn chips
  • All dressings and sauces
  • All the cheeses
  • All beverages, EXCEPT the Oreo and Malt shakes

Burger King Gluten Free Options

  • Burger King is a little complicated because they have a gluten-sensitive list on their website, and then an asterisk next to some items saying they might be fried with gluten-containing foods. I think I would personally stay away from the foods marked with an asterisk to be safe.

Hardees Gluten Free Options

  • Low carb breakfast bowl
  • Grits
  • 1/3 lb low carb thickburger
  • Natural cut fries
  • Side salad w/no dressing and coleslaw
  • Vanilla shake, Chocolate shake, and Strawberry shake
  • All condiments

Wendy’s Gluten Free Options

  • Garden side salad, Caesar side salad, BLT Cobb salad, Baja salad, Apple Pecan Chicken salad without pecans, all without croutons
  • Hamburger patty and Ultimate chicken grill fillet are fine by themselves
  • The french fries do not contain gluten, but they “may be cooked in the same oil as an item containing the allergen (gluten)”
  • Applewood smoked bacon
  • Chili, baked potato, and apple slices
  • All beverages
  • All condiments and all shakes, EXCEPT for the Oreo parfait

KFC Gluten Free Options

  • Caesar Side Salad without dressing and croutons
  • House Side Salad without dressing
  • Green beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, sweet kernel corn, and three bean salad
  • Sargento light string cheese and jalapeno peppers

Arby’s Gluten Free Options

  • Arby’s has its own gluten free menu that shows everything they serve that does not contain gluten (pdf file)
As I mentioned earlier, always double check about whether an item is GF or not.  Ask someone at the restaurant, and check the restaurant menu.  It is always better to be cautious now, so that there won’t be major regrets later.

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