Are Twizzlers Gluten Free?

Twizzlers, the brand of red licorice candy found throughout much of North America, is one of the most popular candies for children.  They are available in strawberry, cherry, watermelon, and chocolate flavors, as well as many different shapes and sizes.  Before I was gluten free, I remember eating Twizzlers all the time as a young kid.  It seemed like every time we were required to bring in snacks for school, half the kids would bring Twizzlers.

The Answer

Unfortunately, Twizzlers are NOT gluten free.  This came as a pretty big shock to me.  I can usually guess if something is gluten free or not based on the texture and type of food/candy, and I really would have thought Twizzlers would be free of gluten.  But no, FLOUR is clearly stated as one of the ingredients.

There are some GF Twizzlers replacements out there, though.  Nature’s Place makes “all-natural Fruit Twists” with no gluten and no sugar, and they taste (and look) very similar to the actual thing.  I just hope someday the Hershey Company, who makes Twizzlers, decides to either quit using flour as one of the ingredients or make a gluten-free variety of Twizzlers available widespread.

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