Are Egg Noodles Gluten Free?

Egg noodles are a popular type of noodle found in households and supermarkets all over the world.  They are usually thicker and chewier than normal Italian pasta.  Egg noodles are well-known for being great in soups and stews.  I also fondly remember my mother using egg noodles in pizza and tuna casseroles when I was growing up.

The Answer

Unfortunately, egg noodles are rarely ever gluten-free.  They typically have gluten in them, since flour is one of the main ingredients.  Normal ingredients for egg noodles are flour, eggs, salt, milk, and butter or olive oil.

Like other types of noodles, there are ways to make gluten-free egg noodles.  If you google “gluten free egg noodles”, you should be able to find some recipes to make homemade gluten-free egg noodles.  Regular egg noodles are made with flour, so I think if you replace the normal flour with a gluten-free variety, then you will have your gluten-free egg noodles.  Definitely check the recipe before proceeding, though.   If that seems like too much work, Glutano makes (gf) maize noodles that are great as a replacement for egg noodles.

Since egg noodles are so great in comfort foods like soups and casseroles, it is probably well-worth it to learn how to make a gf version of them.  Just try your favorite type of gluten-free flour in place of the regular flour and see how it tastes.  Do a little experimenting;  that is how I come up with some of my best gf recipes.

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