Are Chipotle Chips Gluten Free?

When I first started eating gluten-free at the end of 2010, I (wrongly) assumed that all chips were gluten-free.  I couldn’t figure out why I sometimes felt awful after eating the chips at different Mexican restaurants.  Well, I eventually found out that not all chips are OK for us to eat.  Some restaurants make their chips with flour or wheat ingredients, or include something in them that does have gluten.  You have to ask every place you go specifically if their chips contain gluten or not.  Since Chipotle was a place I frequented quite often, I had to find out about their chips.  Long story short, the Chipotle chips ARE GLUTEN FREE.  In fact, according to their website, everything on their menu is gluten-free except the flour tortilla and garden blend (not even sure what that is).

Because of how GF friendly Chipotle is, it has become one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch or dinner.  A couple of my standard meals are the bowl with chicken, rice, black beans, mild salsa, and lettuce, and the hard shell tacos with the exact same ingredients.  Of course, their chips and guacamole are something I get every time as well!  Chipotle does warn people that their corn might affect people highly sensitive to gluten, due to “co-mingling” in the fields with gluten-containing grains, so beware of the corn.  Also, if you are worried about their gloves touching other gluten-filled items, they will gladly change their gloves for you.  I hope other restaurants take a page out of Chipotle’s playbook when it comes to catering to gluten-free eaters!

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