Welcome to This Gluten Free Life!

A little bit about me:  My name is Brian and I have been gluten free since November 2010.  You can read about why I became GF here.  To summarize —  I had been dealing with a multitude of health problems for over a year, and could not figure out why.  Eventually, I tried a gluten free diet and all the problems quickly (2-3 days) went away.  After about a week on the diet, I felt great, but I still wasn’t certain gluten was the problem.  I went out and had a huge pizza, and the problems returned almost immediately.  I have been gluten free ever since.

I started this site in mid-2011 as a way of providing delicious recipes and other helpful information with the gluten free community.  I know I had hundreds of questions about the GF diet when I first started, and I thought it would be a great idea to try to provide some answers for people.

Please feel free to contact me about anything and everything, or comment on some recipes!