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Chobani Greek Yogurt

Yogurt and Gluten: Is Yogurt Actually Gluten-Free?

Yogurt has traditionally been thought of as always being free from gluten. Lately, however, I have seen a ton of foods that I believed to be gluten-free containing hidden gluten, so I thought I would try to go a little more in-depth and check out the popular yogurt brands one by one to see what […]

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Mayonnaise and Gluten-Free Eaters: A Match Made in Heaven?

I’ll admit, I haven’t always loved mayonnaise. The creamy white texture was a little off-putting, and I just thought it looked kinda gross. But, eventually I gave it a shot, liked it, and it has since become the regular condiment choice for my gluten-free lunch sandwiches. So, yes, the simple answer is that mayonnaise is […]

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Marshmallows Gluten Free

Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

This continues yet another installment in my popular “Gluten-Free or Not?” series for first time gluten-free eaters wondering whether they can eat a specific item… When I first became gluten-free, I just assumed that marshmallows contained gluten. They are so fluffy and chewy that I thought there was no way they could be gluten-free. Oh, […]

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Is Popcorn Gluten-Free?

Continuing my series of “Gluten-Free or Not” to help out those just beginning a gluten-free diet, I now turn to the beloved movie theater staple, popcorn. All of the popcorn I could find in the stores was gluten-free. This does not mean that there are no popcorn brands in the world that contain gluten, but popcorn is […]

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Are Lentils Gluten Free?

This edition of “Gluten-Free or Not” for people either new to the gluten-free lifestyle or wondering if something contains gluten features lentils, an edible legume/bean. The simple answer is yes, lentils are naturally gluten-free. The thing we need to worry about is cross-contamination. Do we really trust the brands that are not certified gluten-free? I […]

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Eat Up!

Kid-Friendly Gluten-Free English Muffin Egg Pizzas

One of the biggest problems I have been hearing lately in the gluten-free community is (non gluten-free) mothers not knowing what to cook their celiac children.  This makes complete sense: kids are already picky eaters and the mothers have never had to avoid gluten before this.  I know how tough of a time I had at the […]

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